Dedicated Trucking

RTL has Committed Trucking Services and offers a wide variety of customized solutions – here are a few to be mentioned:

  • Fleets on demand.
  • Specialized delivery and equipment applications.
  • Experts in Domestic, North American and Cross Border Delivery Service.
  • Just in Time Team and production-environment delivery service.
  • Private fleet replacement when required and additional Equipment Support with skilled and knowledgeable drivers.
  • All of our drivers have minimum of 3(three) years or more experience without any record or accidents.
  • Effective on-site customer service support if/when required.
  • On-Site Help of a Logistics manager / supply chain engineers.
  • Complete web based access and visibility through our system.

Please contact us at:


Phone: (905) 660 7766

Fax:       (905) 660 7744

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